Top 10 Picks Best Septic Tank Shock Treatment for 2022

Are you looking for the best Septic Tank Shock Treatment but don’t know where to start? We have done much research and analysis to present the best Septic Tank Shock Treatment available. There are various Septic Tank Shock Treatment options on the market, and you can get surprising advantages from these products. They vary in price, quality, size, and feature.

This article will explore some of the top Septic Tank Shock Treatment out there. This comes from Septic Tank Shock Treatmentter going through numerous customer reviews, product reviews, and research into the specifications of the products. At the end of this review, you should be able to make an educated buying decision for one or multiple Septic Tank Shock Treatment.

Best Septic Tank Shock Treatment: Top 10 Compared

Top Septic Tank Shock Treatment of Review:

Bestseller No. 1
Instant Power Septic Shock Septic Tank Treatment, Drain Cleaner Liquid Clog Remover for Septic System, 67.6 FL OZ (2 Liter)
  • EFFECTIVE EMERGENCY DE-CLOGGER: This powerful drain clog remover works in just minutes; Just drop the easy-to-use in the toilet and flush to treat septic tanks up to 1,500 gallons
  • SUPER-CHARGED FORMULA: Our septic tank treatment and drain cleaner is formulated with beneficial enzymes that break down system-clogging matter and open lateral or leach field lines, preventing septic backups and safe for all pipes
  • LIQUEFIES ORGANIC MATERIALS: Put less elbow grease in cleaning your clogged drain system with Septic Shock; It dissolves paper, grease, soap, protein, starches, and everything organic that‘s blocking your pipes
  • ELIMINATES ODORS: Bad odors inside or outside your home could indicate that your septic system is backed up; Instant Power Septic Shock eliminates odors as it works on your blocked drains and pipes
  • SAFE AND EASY-TO-USE: Our clogged drain cleaner is free from harsh chemicals, acids, or caustics, so it's safe on your pipes; It's also simple to use, just add the entire 67.6 oz (2 Liters) bottle directly into the toilet and flush
SaleBestseller No. 2
Roebic K-570-Q 32-Ounce Leach And Drain Field Opener Concentrate
  • TREATS CLOGS AND BUILDUP: Roebic K-570 Leach and Drain Field Opener helps to rapidly break up clogged or sluggish drain fields the primary reason for septic system failure,and restore proper drainage
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY AND BIODEGRADABLE: Safe for the environment, the all-natural biodegradable formulation contains aerobic spore-bearing bacteria resistant to soaps and detergents
  • PATENTED BACTERIA: Powerful Roetech enzyme-producing bacteria degrade protein, starches, and other food-related organic debris to increase flow
  • PROFESSIONAL STRENGTH: Same specialized bacteria used in our professional formulations and used in municipal wastewater treatment facilities throughout the country
  • ECONOMICAL: Concentrated, easy-to-use formula can treat a large 1500-gallon septic tank for up to 1 year.
Bestseller No. 3
GREEN PIG Septic Tank Treatment Emergency Formula Quickly Breaks Down Clogged or Under-Performing Septic Tanks, Leach Lines and Fields, 1 Gallon
  • Green Pig Septic Tank Treatment Emergency Formula is specifically formulated to work quickly and efficiently on a clogged or under-performing septic tank or cesspool. Backups, noxious odors, water pooling in the yard, as well as gurgling in the pipes need immediate attention.
  • Green Pig Septic Tank Treatment Emergency Formula is a modified blend of enzymes that break down organic waste fast in your septic tank, leach lines and leach field.
  • Green Pig Septic Tank Treatment Emergency Formula is the only product on the market that provides a Green pig 1-year supply for FREE. Shock your system AND maintain it.
  • Green Pig customers asked for Septic Tank Treatment Emergency Formula, so we studied and researched and are now proud to offer to our customers.
  • Pour 32 ounces down toilet or directly into distribution or lateral lines. Best to use before bed to allow product to work overnight. A comprehensive maintenance program should include Green Pig monthly to quarterly treatment as well as inspection and pumping.
Bestseller No. 4
HOTROD Emergency Septic Tank Treatment - Designed to Relieve Clogs and Help Remove Obstructions in Failed Systems - Extends Septic System Life and Prevents Costly Repairs - Industrial Grade - Easy to Use - Safe on Piping and Plumbing - 1 Gallon
  • CONCENTRATED TREATMENT DESIGNED TO WORK QUICKLY - Digests grease, fats, oils, paper, salts, organic matter and even petroleum products that are giving your system and lines issues.
  • EASY TO USE EMERGENCY TREATMENT - Apply by flushing at any toilet or at the septic tank. One bottle is designed for failed systems or systems with current issues.
  • REDUCE SEPTIC ODORS - Emergency treatment helps rid toxic odors and gasses within the system. This helps extend the life of the septic tank and eliminates those horrible sewer like smells.
  • PREVENT COSTLY SEPTIC REPAIRS - Our proprietary beneficial enzymes increase water absorption within the leach field by digesting organic matter and minerals that bind soil.
  • SUSTAINABLE TECHNOLOGY TESTED IN THE FIELD - Hotrod Septic is family owned and has invested years of research in groundwater and greenhouse gas emissions.
Bestseller No. 5
Septic Tank Shock Treatment | Bio Enzyme Septic Safe | Clears Leach & Drain Fields, Dissolves Organic Solids, Grease, Hair - Drain Deodorizer(7.5 LBS)
  • Septic Emergency Treatment: When your system needs life-support, Septic Liberator will get the job done, it combats and destroys the most challenging septic system, cesspool, leach and drain field problems. Our industrial strength concentrated bio-enzymatic formula is the only one on the market that will restore failing commercial and residential septic systems and drain fields.
  • Prevents Costly Repairs: Using chemicals kill the system's natural biology, creating another costly problem. Septic Liberator combines natural bacteria with additional enzymes to chop up and digest build-ups, increasing flow and soil absorption while supporting the system's biological balance. A balanced system is a healthy system and a healthy system is a trouble-free system. If you need a biological fix, Liberator will get the job don
  • Eliminate Odors and Digests Sludge: Septic Liberator's formula combines six strains of enzyme-producing bacteria with an additional four strains of specialist enzymes. Septic Liberator, unlike other products that use bacteria or enzymes alone. While Liberator’s live bacterial breakdown and digest Biomats, the specialist enzymes attack the most demanding components of the build-up. The result is a healthy, odor-free septic system.
  • The Bigger the Problem, the More Time It Takes: You can save thousands in repairs using Septic Liberator. However, biology takes time to work. It took time to create the problem. Logically, it takes time to break down and digest the build-ups that are damaging your entire septic system. (See Images for further detail).
  • Safe – Chemical Free: Trusted by the Pro’s, Septic Liberator's all-natural bio-enzymatic formula is safe for use in all types of plumbing, drains, septic systems, leach and drain fields, cesspools, and pits. Septic Liberator is made in America and tested to the highest standards to ensure purity and performance. All Eco Strong Products are safe for people, pets, and the planet.
Bestseller No. 6
NT-MAX Super Shock Septic Tank Treatment & Cesspool Restoration Treatment. 5 Gallon Super Sludge Digester Completely Restores Failed Leach Fields, Cesspools, Sand Mounds & All Other Designs.
  • Septic Tank Restoration Treatment with 600 Trillion Bacteria and Enzymes per Treatment
  • Completely Restores Clogged Drain Fields, Septic Tanks, Cesspits, Sand Mounds and All Other Designs
  • Bacteria and Enzymes Double in Numbers Every 30 Minutes to Absorb and Digest Sludge and Waste
  • Fully Restore Your Clogged System Eating up to 100 lbs of Grime and Sewage Overnight!
  • NT-MAX is our Strongest Commercial Grade Septic Restoration Product Available on the Market Today
Bestseller No. 7
Septi-Flow | Septic System Shock Repair- Clears Drain fields, Dissolves Deadpan and Hardened Soil, Full Tank Treatment (4) Gallon Set
  • Works to clean, clear, and reset entire Septic Systems that have been locked up by excess build-up of Sodium and Sulfate.
  • Eliminates sodium and sulfate buildup in your Septic System that is locked up and deadpanned from detergent runoff.
  • Safe for All Septic Systems, pipes, and plumbing systems.
  • .IT Will Not work on ultimately backed-up Septic Systems. There must be some water flow in your system. This will only work on locked-up soil from sodium/ sulfate buildup, causing standstill water on the surface.
Bestseller No. 8
Bio-Safe One Septic Tank Treatment Maintenance, Drain Field Restoration, Bacteria Enzyme Exxon Valdez Formula for Cesspools, Sewers, Eliminates Pumpouts, Removes Odors, Unclogs Drains, Reverses Backups, 42 Months supply+5Gal.
  • POWERFUL SEPTIC TANK & DRAINFIELD RESTORATION. Removes large amounts of biomat, sewage, grease, organic matter & sludge. Helps Reverse septic/drainfield failure. Treats residential, hotel & commercial septic systems, grease traps, slowly running drains, floor drains & portable toilets. Works in all types of septic systems including cesspool, seepage pits, sewage lagoon, drywells, sand mound, turkey mounds, Elgen systems, rv tanks, sewage treatment plants, aeration systems, outhouses.
  • STARTER LEVEL SEPTIC TANK SYSTEM "SHOCK" PACKAGE - designed to innoculate the household plumbing & entire septic system. Not anywhere near our strongest package but a good start towards cleaning out your system, reversing septic and drainfield failure & eliminating any symptoms package contains two very powerful items our most popular & effective famous septic treatments: the BIO-112 Heavy Sludge Digester 5 Gal. & the 3 Year Supply of Bio-Safe One Septic Solution (42 Months).
  • PATENTED SEPTIC TANK TREAMENT - Designed to completely remove treat all septic tank and septic system failure. Designed to remove all septic problems, smells, reverse drainfield failure, cesspool failure, plumbing problems of all kinds. Highly effective products over many years proven success. Only products with patented capability to biomat (black grease based tar) that blocks septic system and plumbing.
  • COMPLETELY CONSUMES WASTE - Doesn't Just Break it Down. Other brands only break apart sewage without totally digesting causing suspended solids, Bio-Safe One products digests and treats all sewage with all of its evils. Protect your home, save your money no replacment, no digging, no more pumping, no more septic problems. Proven track record, nearly 100% success rate at reversing all types of septic failure, drainfield failure, smells, backups, clogged drains, sewer lines, standing water.
  • Latest Technology in Waste Treatment - Same Team of Scientists that Helped Clean the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill. Active ingredients are highly specialized bact, enzyme fortified aerobic (oxygen surviving) & anerobic (non-oxygen surviving) bact. Over 500 trillion bact, completely digest large amounts of biomat & sludge. Powerful, safe & effective "very high seeding" effect. Unlike any other products our product not only work but work extremely well amazing to get the job done!
SaleBestseller No. 9
Septic Tank Treatment Septic Problem Drainfield Restoration Treatment Patented Bacteria Based Enzyme Exxon Valdez Formula - Helps Eliminate Pumpouts, Removes Odors, Unclogs Drains, Reverses Backups, 100% Guaranteed Safe & Highly Effective. Bio-Safe One BIO-112 Heavy Sludge Disgeter - 5 Gal.
  • TOP RATED PATENTED SEPTIC TANK TREATMENT SLUDGE DIGEST FORMULA: BIO-112 Cleans, Unclogs & Restores Septic Systems & Grease Trap Systems. Due to its' exclusive proprietary formula, it is the only product on the market capable of restoring failing commercial or residential septic systems/drain-fields! Totally removes bio-mat (grease) with patented strains of grease digesting bacter..
  • ORGANIC, ECO-FRIENDLY & USA MADE: The active ingredients in our new & improved Bio-Safe One BIO-112 HEAVY SLUDGE DIGESTER are highly concentrated enzyme fortified aerobic (oxygen surviving) & anaerobic (non-oxygen surviving) bacter. Over 500 Trillion Fast Acting fast acting bacter that completely clean up your entire septic system!
  • NO PELLETS NOR POWDER, BIO-112 IS LIQUID: BIO-112 comes in highly concentrated liquid form: a 5-gallon pail. 55 gallon drums are available via bulk order. Unlike chemicals, it is natural, safe & effective. BIO-112 has a 5+ year shelf life. We are the sole vendor for this product. Don't be fooled by companies claiming to have the same capability as our patented formula.
  • 100% Guaranteed to be Lab Cultivated Patented Bacter Formula. Backed by over 75 years of research & development. BIO-112 is the latest technology in waste treatment formulated by the same group of scientists that cleaned the Exxon Valdez oil spill. The active ingredient in BIO-112 Heavy Sludge Digester is highly concentrated enzyme fortified aerobic (oxygen surviving) & anaerobic (non-oxygen surviving) bacter. Over 500 trillion bacter that complete digest large amounts of biomat & sludge.)
  • Specifically formulated Septic Tank Treatment for the treatment of residential, hotel & commercial septic systems, grease traps, slow running drains, floor drains & portable toilets. Unlike chemicals, it is natural, safe & effective. BIO-112 has a 5+ year shelf life. 100% guaranteed to be the strongest treatment available on the market and has patented strains of bacter that can completely digest grease & all types of sewage/sludge in a short amount of time.
Bestseller No. 10
3 Pack of Septic Bomb! Septic Tank & Leachfield Restorer, The Most Powerful Septic Additive on The Market!
  • Leading Product on the Market!
  • Eliminate Backups in septic systems & restores Leach Systems
  • Natural Active Bacteria and enzymes septic product
  • Lasts for six months & safe for aeration systems
  • Restores Leach Fields, Digests septic waste & Odor in septic tanks

How To Choose The Septic Tank Shock Treatment

How do you choose the Septic Tank Shock Treatment? You must consider many things, such as the brand name, price, and product quality. In addition, you should also consider whether it is suitable for your needs or not.

So how do you choose the right Septic Tank Shock Treatment? Here are some tips that you can use to help you find a good product:

1. You first need to consider the product’s brand name. A good brand will always produce quality products, so a product with an established name should be good enough for your needs.

2. You need to consider the product’s price next. A high-quality product does not always mean that it will cost more, but if it costs too much, there must be something wrong, or nobody will buy it.

3. The final thing you need to look at is how well suited this item is for your needs and requirements and how well suited it is for others with similar requirements.

What you Should Keep in Mind When Buying Septic Tank Shock Treatment

When shopping for Septic Tank Shock Treatment, there are several things to consider. You need to think about the quality of the product, the price, and even how much it will benefit your life. However, you also need to keep these factors in mind:

Purchase from a reputable Brand

The finest product for you is that brand if you have your heart set on it. For instance, you should shop for a Samsung S9 phone online or at any other Samsung store if you wish to buy one.

Read reviews

Read reviews from others who have bought the product before. You must check what other customers have said about a product before buying it online, as this will help you determine whether it is worth buying or not. Suppose there are many positive reviews about an item and no negative ones. In that case, most people are happy with their purchase and would recommend it to others too.

Seal of approval

Look for the seal of approval. For example, look for the Energy Star seal if you’re shopping for a new printer. It indicates that the printer uses less energy than other models in its class.

Product Specifications

It’s important to do your research before buying any new product. For example, check the minimum requirements listed on each model’s product page if you’re looking at laptops and want one with a larger hard drive. If they’re not listed, ask customer service or call the manufacturer directly before making your purchase.

Shipping options

Complete sure the website offers free shipping if you’re getting something online so that you don’t have to pay anything extra once you make your purchase. If the website doesn’t offer free shipping, think about making your purchase from a different site that does.


Many retailers offer extended warranties covering malfunctions, materials, or quality defects. If a product has this kind of coverage, it’s worth paying extra money upfront so that you don’t have to pay again later if something goes wrong with your purchase.


Ultimately, our Septic Tank Shock Treatment reviews are designed to help you make a more informed purchasing decision. It’s much easier to decide when you know exactly what to look for and your options. We hope that this Keyword review article has helped. So if you’re looking for the best Septic Tank Shock Treatment, we’re glad we could help. If you’re considering purchasing Septic Tank Shock Treatment, we strongly recommend you look deeper at our top 10 Septic Tank Shock Treatment reviews. Based on our research, we have found these excellent products to be well worth the money and should be able to meet your needs.

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